Aims Values and Principles
Accident & Incident Policy
Alcohol & Drugs Policy
Allegations of Abuse Against a Childminder
Behaviour Policy
Care Learning & Play Policy
Complaints Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Daily Risk Assessment Policy
Equal Opportunity Policy
Fire & Emergency Evacuation Policy
Garden Play and Equipment Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Healthy Eating Policy
Heavy Colds Policy
Hygiene Policy
Internet Safety Policy
Late Payment Fees Policy
Listening to Children Policy
Lost or Missing Child Policy
Medicine Policy
Nappy Changing and Wipes Policy
Outings Policy
Over 8 year old Policy
Pet Policy
Raising Concern Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
Road Safety Policy
Sickness Policy
Smoking Policy
Snow Policy
Special Education Needs Policy
Uncollected Child Policy
Working in Partnership with Parents Policy
Privacy/ICO/GDPR Policy
Safeguarding Children Policy